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Welcome to My Practice!


​​I provide diagnostic and assessment services for children, adolescents, and adults. This includes diagnosis of developmental disorders, learning disorders, and mental health disorders. I also provide neuropsychological assessment to inform educational and treatment planning. Currently I am not accepting any new adult patients.


My focus in treatment is to teach children and families concrete skills so that they can more effectively manage their emotions and behavior at home, school, and in the community. Treatment is always tailored to the needs of the individual child/family and I employ strategies and techniques that have the greatest evidence base for success.



In addition to assessment and treatment, I also provide school consultations; parent education and support; treatment planning sessions; and home visits. For adults with autism I also provide assessment and support for vocational training/planning and independent living.

2150 N 107th St, Suite 504, Seattle, WA 98133 -  360.220.6040 ph  -  206.362.2323 fax -

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